• Ford Saarlouis hot-forming

    Ford automates hot-forming process


    Germany - Ford has integrated a automated hot-forming line at its Saarlouis plant, which is located two hours south west of Frankfurt, where it makes the Focus. The company says it is the first time this process has been automated. It works by subjecting boron steel to temperatures of up ...

  • The new Audi A8

    Advancing automotive with AHSS


    SSAB explains how advanced high-strength steels address fundamental issues in a dynamic North American market, often at significant cost savings The North American car and truck market is undergoing change at a pace not seen since General Motors declared bankruptcy in 2009. In spite of rising transaction prices ...

  • FCA Belvidere

    A bigger, bolder Belvidere


    The transfer of the Jeep Cherokee production from Ohio to Illinois was the first part of FCA’s response to the growing demand for more SUVs. Mike Farish reports On 1 June last year production of the FCA Jeep Cherokee began at the company’s plant in Belvidere, Illinois, after transferring from ...

  • Vitronic video

    Vitronic sets the standard in quality inspections of welded seams


    The highest level of quality for safety-critical components in the automobile industry Immediate fault analyses enable rapid intervention in the event of production deviations As weld seam flaws – no matter how small they are – can lead to serious consequences, more and more international companies in the automotive ...

  • BMW plant Hungary

    BMW splashes on new plant


    Hungary - The german carmaker has announced it will build an assembly plant in Hungary next year, near the town of Debrecen in the east of the country. Debrecen was selected because of the advantages it offered in terms of infrastructure, logistics connections and proximity to the supplier network. BMW ...

  • Model 3 First Deliveries

    Tesla 'on track' with 3 production


    The mass production of electric vehicles (EVs) could have enormous impacts on the automotive industry. With economies of scale comes cost reduction - and the high upfront price of models currently on the market has been slated as one of the most influential factors on their low uptake to date. ...

  • ATI_Universal_Compliance_Compensator

    Universal compliance compensator


    The new U1-050 Universal Compliance Compensator from ATI Industrial Automation is said to combine a variety of features making it adaptable to tasks such as automated assembly, bin picking, loading and unloading machines and robotic finishing. The company claims the unit’s mechanism is suitable for high-endurance applications and offers simultaneous ...

  • Adobe Photoshop system control

    Tomando o controle


    A arquitetura de controle eletrônico e de software subjacente de qualquer instalação de fabricação é crucial para sua operação e requer atualização periódica para garantir a eficácia contínua. Este foi o caso recentemente, quando a Ford precisou realocar e recomissionar uma instalação de armazenamento com mais de cem transportadores em ...

  • Adobe Photoshop system control

    Tomando el control


    La arquitectura de control de software y la electrónica subyacente es crucial para cualquier operación y requiere una actualización periódica para garantizar la efectividad continuada. Informe de Mike Farish Así sucedió cuando Ford tuvo que trasladar y reinstalar una instalación de almacenamiento con más de cien cintas de transporte en ...

  • Bystronic materials handling

    Automated sheet metal handling


    ByTrans Cross is a new loading and unloading system developed for its fibre laser cutting machines says Bystronic. The company claims this system offers users full automation for producing long runs of components while retaining the flexibility of manual handling for fulfilling smaller jobs. It’s claimed the modular design allows ...